UV Curable Inkjet Ink UV854T Series

UV Curable Inkjet Ink has developed a complete solution for Oce® Arizona printer family and Fuji® Acuity printers.

UV Curable Inkjet Ink has developed a complete solution for Oce® Arizona printer family and Fuji® Acuity printers.

This inks have been developed to offer maximum properties and stability during printing. This ink set is designed with state of the art pigment set to offer bright and vivid colors and offers one of the best outdoor life of any other U.V. curable inks currently available in the marketplace. These inks were specifically designed to work on Oce® Arizona printers and Fuji® Acuity printers and are reliable with minimun head maintenance. The inks print on most of the plastics, including acrylics, vynils, treated metals and treated glass. The inks have excellent adhesion, high scuff and scratch resistance, excelent chemical resistance and are designed for long term outdoor signage application. These inks are typically used for outdoor signage, banners and trade show graphics, as well as many other industrial applications…

We offer one of the best pricing in the industry for our customers to maximize their profits achieving at least the same performance and reliability than with the original inks.