UV Curable Inkjet Ink UV852T Series

UV Curable Inkjet Ink 852 is a range designed for the HP® FB family, the Colorspan family and some Ocè models.

AFFORD® has developed a complete range of solutions for HP® FB family, Colorspan family and some Ocè models.

Our inks offer better asdhesion properties, enhaced color gamut, better drying properties and an exceptional stability, which result in easier operation, less ink consumption and bettercolor gamut.

The conversion process is very simple, as 852 series can be mixed with OEM inks, There is no need for cleaning or purging, although this operation is always very adviceable.

UV Curable Inkjet Ink sold in quantities that match with the chip that is supplied with the ink, Just put our ink and our chip and you are ready to go.